A MESSAGE Miguel Angel

Seven elementary and middle schools were oriented to the night skies by a team of astronomers from the Atomic Museum, on the week of May, 2008.

Presenters showed the students the movement of our galactic worlds, looked at the sun’s arching flares through filtered paper and were taught to identify galaxies near and far, even to learn the name of the Milky Way in Spanish- “Via Lacte”.

Six astronomers set up their telescopes in the arena of the King Stadium on the out skirts of Las Vegas. The Stadium, a Greek style amphitheater built in the 1935 by President Franklin Roosevelt’s new Deal has a seating capacity of 2,500 and was originally constructed as an equestrian training center for the military base, Camp Luna, where the structure is located. The evening brought out 400 plus children and parents to see the nights of skies.

In reality it had a triple purpose:

  • To expose the students and community to the science of astronomy mathematics and physics.To showcase King Stadium to demonstrate its viability as an educational and entertainment venue. Renovation of the stadium continues.To gain appreciation of the spectacular night skies of northern New Mexico as a resource that should be preserved and celebrated.

The second annual Stargazing Party will take place on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at the historic King Stadium. The community is invited to bring the entire family to view the glory of the heavens. Professional and amateur astronomers will make presentations to school children at the event.

Teachers can contact Casa de Cultura for special presentation in Spanish and English in their classrooms.