A LETTER Department of Cultural Affairs

Dear Guests,

It is with great pleasure that I write to congratulate Casa de Cultura, Rock Ulibarri, Robertson High School and West Las Vegas High School students on completion of The Poeple’s History of El Norte Mural.

This mural is a living example of how history and culture can be used to foster collaboration across communities, generations and diverse cultures, while simultaneously beautifying our environment and enabling us to reflect on our past.

I regret that I am unable to attend this landmark event celebrating the hard work of Las Vegas students, artists, and community members.

As the Cabinet Secretary of the Department of Cultural Affairs, I commend you for this wonderful contribution to the preservation of New Mexico’s history during the year of New Mexico’s Centennial of Statehood.

With this mural, Casa de Cultura has actualized its mission to foster trust and cohesion among diverse ethnic and social groups. We are grateful for the vision and hard work of everyone involved.

Las Vegas is known for its many contributions to our New Mexico arts and culture-and this mural is just the latest example of the important work you are all doing, especially with our students.

Congratulations to all.


Veronica N. Gonzales – Cabinet Secretary – Department of Cultural Affairs

Veronica N. Gonzales – Cabinet Secretary – Department of Cultural Affairs