“This is what our culture really means.” This is in a comment made by a participant at the dedication of Casa de Cultura sponsored mural “The People’s History of El Norte.” We thank 1000 plus citizens who attended throughout the day. They were from many communities in New Mexico, Las Angeles, California., Portland, Oregon and Colorado.


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Martin Salazar was allover your front page Monday 28, 2012. He reported on the “…trouncing” of Mr. Rock Ulibarri by Mr. Robert Quintana, chairman Mora-San Miguel Electric Co-op.

Mr. Salazar would have informed him and possibly his reading subscribers that the multi-meter rule disenfranchises the majority of Co-op members who cannot afford multiple meters-those o...


Dear Guests,

It is with great pleasure that I write to congratulate Casa de Cultura, Rock Ulibarri, Robertson High School and West Las Vegas High School students on completion of The Poeple’s History of El Norte Mural.

This mural is a living example of how history and culture can be used to foster collaboration across communities, generations and diverse cultures, while simultaneously beautifying our environment and enabling us to reflect on our past.


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Casa de Cultura is a tax-exempt community based organization whose mission is to create a cultural environment in the city of Las Vegas, New Mexico and in surrounding communities in northern New Mexico.


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